What can Cirrena do for one of USA's biggest school memorabilia companies?

As it happens...Lots!

Delivering cutting edge & innovative solutions in record time is now normal for Cirrena

Online Designers to revolutionise how they do sales

Jostens approach Cirrena late 2015 (October to be exact) and required new software developed for their national sales conference in Las Vegas in January. They wanted to totally revolutionise a new sales experience for their Sales reps where they could use a drag and drop interface to build their Stoles and Regalia designs, patterns, colours and mascots all in real-time and visualise the end product.

Currently, this was done manually by carting around with the sample books and sample stock with very little way to visualize the end product. Cirrena was given 3 products to build from scratch to include complex SVG renders, integration into their school asset libraries and drag and drop capabilities, all to demo and go live by this sales conference deadline.

Not only did we meet the deadline, but we also smashed it out of the park and to this day are still developing new and innovative products for Jostens.

You can experience the product here.