R & D Strategy and Writing

Review, Strategy and Assistance

Getting your Research and Development (R&D) strategy has an essential part to your tax planning. Creating an effective strategy around this strategy and your IT spend is an opportunity to ensure you capitalize on a grant that allows you to focus on innovation and experimentation for anything that may not be known at the time of development and you have to create a number of hypotheses and experiments to solve the current problem. This is not just related to IT development and research, but can be applied to anything that is based around a hypothesis and solving something that is not currently known or knowledge that is readily accessible.

Cirrena can assist your company with the following:

  • R&D strategy
  • Preparation
  • R&D activities
  • Preparing your grant application for submission

R&D is a lengthy process and will need to be planned with multiple parties to be consulted, such as your team members, internal accounts, directors, external accountants and so forth.

Let us assist you through the entire process of R&D.

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The Value Proposition

We understand that building a custom solution can be costly however think of the COST of getting it wrong or letting your competitor get ahead of you.

There are also risks of not implementing your Software solutions correctly, hiring the wrong software developers, implementing the wrong software solution or at all or simply missing an opportunity because of either a lack of understanding of the technology or how best to utilize Software for your business.

Cirrena wants to partner with companies that don’t think of this as a COST to their business but rather an INVESTMENT and is seeking to close this IT Value Gap through building custom software solutions.

Do you have outdated business processes?

Do you use Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, outdated software, or other manual disjointed systems?Let us work with you to convert all the knowhow captured in the above systems into a scalable, efficient online software system accessible from anywhere.

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We can help at any stage of your project. From idea discussion, planning and to building a software solution to your business needs. Let's take your business to the next level.