What App Developers Won’t Tell You When Developing an App

October 23, 2018

While it is important for app developers to maintain constant communication with their client on the project’s progress, you don’t really need to know everything. And it is quite understandable.

We don’t need to disclose all minor technical stuff like the directory where we keep the Java updates or even the password we used for backups for as long as they’re encrypted. It shouldn’t be so much of a great deal for stakeholders if we choose to switch from one tool to another as long as it doesn’t make a negative impact on the app or the budget.

So in the interest of disclosure, here are some things app developers are not telling you that could come back to haunt the business.

App developers don’t have a clue sometimes

While app developers are usually smart and some are even pure geniuses, more often than not, we make that impression that we know everything. Of course, who would want to say “I don’t know” in a meeting? We want you to trust us and be confident that we can handle it. And we can! We will figure it out. Often times, we have a platform on how to solve the biggest problems with developing an app that’s worth checking out.

Definitely, we know the foundation of programming which can get us far even if it’s our first time to encounter a tool we need to use.

While we have the foundation, clients are asking more than the basics. Most of the time, you are asking us to fix something that affects your app’s functionality and performance. While there are chances we know where the code is, there’s still a 50-50 percent chance that fixing it can be easy or extremely difficult. We wouldn’t really know until we download the code, rewrite it, and see what happens.

App developers easily fall in love with new ideas

Whenever we see a new open source project on Slashdot or have read a new article on InfoWorld, there is an instant need for us to pull down the code, compile it and integrate it with our stack. While it would be fun to try every new idea, it is also very easy to lose track of what’s best for the business in the worst case.

Not every app needs to be rewritten

Sometimes, progress can make things worse. If your app is working perfectly fine now, you don’t really need to jump on the next trend just so you can be “in”. Some app developers do rewrites that can affect your app’s performance on speed and usability, which can turn your users away.

More often than not, app developers don’t understand the business side

While we know everything about the world of databases, protocols and new programming, we don’t understand consumer behaviour. This means we’re not the best people to create a strategy to keep customers happy and spending. We can make databases happy but we don’t have a clue about how to keep customers coming back.

This is why we highly recommend consulting a team of app marketing experts to analyse and interpret those data you gather from analytics and develop a strategy not just to sell your app but also keep current users excited.