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Innovation for mobile and web applications is only just the beginning

Cirrena has over 14 years of software development experience in building applications for businesses in Perth and globally. We develop mobile apps for businesses that require a solution for multi-platform that are scalable as you grow.

The technology that we use is subject to your actual requirements. Our software developers are fully versed in iOS development, Android development and web app development. We help you decide on what platform is best for your idea or project through our thorough software development process. We ensure that before we develop anything, your business needs, rapid prototyping and real world validation has discovered all of your requirements so that we can custom develop the mobile solution that is tailored to your business growth, not just what you think you need.

We develop apps for different industries. See what it purposes and how we can help you develop yours.

For example

  • stream line your operation in an online and offline world; we helped a business in remote Australia optimize their readings and maintenance of diesel generates at a mine site to eliminate cumbersome excel spread sheets automating processes, communicating with your team, saving paper by filling forms out via your app
  • making specific information available to your team anywhere
  • using photo, video and augmented technology to visualize your products before they buy something. We are working with the leading graduation ring manufacturer to allow students to try and customize their ring before they buy.
  • geo-fencing and other location aware settings to track and monitor safety or movements of products or staff globally.

There is so much innovation happening at Cirrena and our experience is extensive in the mobile and web app development.

We are happy to review and assist with your requirements.

Do you have outdated business processes?

Do you use Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, outdated software, or other manual disjointed systems? Let us work with you to convert all the know how captured in the above systems into a scalable, efficient online software system accessible from anywhere.

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