Our Story

Cirrena was founded in 2006 on a kitchen table in a house in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. It started with a dedication to deliver unique software solutions for our clients. Our humble beginnings has led us to be one of a kind and proficient software development company and digital agency in Western Australia. Started in Perth, expanding globally.

Over the years we have developed some amazing projects. One notable case study would be helping the founders of Canva on their very first startup up. Next was working with Jostens in the USA to develop a technology for their core product, a yearbook software. We also helped the Power Generation Company automate their systems that effectively streamline their business. Which they sold later on to an ASX Listed company.

Cirrena is more than a custom software developer company. We are also a full digital design and technology agency with a difference. Our unique way of addressing your problem allows us to completely look holistically at your business and find avenues to deliver a solution you never even thought was possible.

We work as part of your team who understands your business, the problems and work with you every step of the way and solve them with proven processes used in over 2000+ software projects.

Now servicing clients globally, Cirrena offers end to end custom software development and app development.

Let’s take your business to the next level!